Low FPS on Simple geometry?

Hello, I’m getting 20-45 FPS on a fairly simple scene made with very simple geometry with Standard Shader and some HDR Emissions (nothing mad, just some glowing ornaments).

I am getting 20-45 FPS with no apparent cause. The Profiler shows that only Camera Render (Drawing) takes 3 - 4 ms, and the statistics are on the picture below:

What can be the cause? There are no textures (just plain albedo) and no reflection probes. I expected this thing to run at least 60 fps no problem. Is there something wierd going on in Statistics?

I want to use Realtime Global Illumination and am seriously concerned about how will it work with this FPS.

PS: My specs are laptop-typical. Nothing bad, nothing ultra.

Just in case you haven’t seen it yet, Unity has a built-in profiler (Window → Profiler). The most common mistakes are:

  • Having Debug.Logs / print statements execute every frame. Debug logs are extremely slow in the editor.
  • Depending on the hardware Unity’s “Standard Shader” might be too heavy for your PC. Try a simple diffuse shader
  • Unity’s procedural skybox can also have an effect on performance.
  • Maybe you move objects that are marked as static. Never do that, ever. If you might move an object, don’t mark it as static. Also avoid moving colliders without a rigidbody.

Btw: I’m not sure where’s the “simple” in this case. 147k vertices and 75k tris isn’t that simple given you have 145 set pass calls. Try to cut down the number of materials.

We don’t know anything about your scene so we can’t suggest anything. How many moving objects, how many static objects? Are static objects marked as static?

Another thing you could try is occlusion culling.

Gfx.WaitForPresent is the result of vertical sync right? Try to disable that.

Run the profiler 22ms on the CPU thread sounds like some real slow code somewhere. I’ve got 1,000s of real-time lit objects all being moved every frame and at peak we have 30ms on the main thread (yeah it sucks). So check the profiler, look at the report of what scripts are eating up all your time.