Low FPS when against a wall?

Hi there.

I’ve been making small games for a while now and with my latest project I’m trying to be the most optimized I’ve ever been.

My aim for my current project is to have the game running perfectly at ±60fps at 1080p with the current mixture of medium and high settings on a mid end PC.

For the most part I have achieved this. The demo is running at a solid 60fps. EXCEPT THIS 1 WALL! It can run as low as 50fps when at 1080p. I’ve ran the profiler and I’ve spent hours optimizing nearby assets to the point where nothing seems to be causing these drops, and yet the framerate still tanks to these lows for no apparent reason.

If anyone has any ideas, I’d love to hear from you.!

EDIT: The performance drop happens when the camera is close to ANY wall, whether colliding or not

EDIT 2: For more clarity, by close I mean the wall asset / texture work is right up agains the camera (the attached screenshot where the frame rate is 52fps) as when the wall isnt close the performance returns (as seen in the second screen with 87fps)

Do you have some physics trigger enabled on that wall or objects close to it? You are getting a sudden CPU spike which may indicate a script may be the cause. Check for OnCollide events. Also are you using baked occlusion culling?

Also it would be worth running the profiler and see which method is getting the most calls when up against that wall. It will give you some insight into what is happening. The profiler is great for this sort of thing.