Low FPS with charachter animation

Hello Guys,

Currently I am working on a doodle like game. I addition to jumping on the platforms The character has to defend itself from some objects flying through. To defend the charterer uses a bat in one hand and a shield in another.

So the animation of lifting up of bat and shield as been imported, baked and giving its own ID.The animation plays when player press x or z keys on key board OR swipe left or right on Ipad/Iphone.

Now the problem is whenever I play the animation with x or y keys or by swiping on Iphone the over all fps of the game drops from avg 140 to avg35 for the duration of the animation.The fps drop is much worse On Ipad than the pc.
I also checked the profiler

It showed "
Animation.Update total-92% and time 40ms

Animation Sample total- 92% and time 40ms

Mesh.Bake Scaled Mesh PhysX Collision Data toatal 85 % time 37.27 ms"

Now I dont know what to do with this or how to rectify it.
Please Help

well i figured it out my self.

The problem was the mesh collider i put on the bat,it was making the scene too heavy,when animated. So I replaced it with a box collider, game works fine now.