Low FPS with no shown reason

I have a weird case of low FPS. When i’m using the profiler I don’t see any indicators that should be causing low FPS, the game in the editor is using 600-700mb memory 5-10ms on both CPU and GPU, this isn’t happening on the build version, in the editor I have 5-10 FPS. I have check the task manager and there isn’t no reason for it to run at a lower FPS there either.

I found the error, well no I didn’t but I found the solution, I had installed unity 5 before I uninstalled 4.6, so when I uninstalled 4.6 it removed some settings that unity 5 used. This seamed to fix the lag I had and I now have 100-150FPS

Try labeling all the items you dont need to move as static. I had the same problem and this drastically changed the fps from 15 to 35. Also combine all the static items (parts of a map, terrain, trees, etc) into one object and label that static too. This decreases the draw calls and allows the cpu/gpu to process/ render more efficiently.