Low fps with only a few characters?

So I’m looking at the profiler and I’m under 50 drawcalls with total Tri’s at around 30k.
I have 4 characters total, each of them are 4k. 1 3rd person player. 3 enemies.
Textures are all 256.

Now with only these 4 characters on screen, I’m only getting 20-25 fps on my samsung epic android, which is better performance than the iphone4.

Why is my FPS so low with only a 4 animated characters? Only when I have all 4 characters in view does my FPS drop. When I look away it goes back up to 50

The total tri’s in my view should be half of what I stated, so that’s even more crazy.

Here is the profiler info if anyone could give advice maybe I’m doing something wrong I’d really appreciate it!

Draw Calls: 58
Tri’s: 32k
Used textures 26/10.8 MB

CPU usage:
Highest memory consumption:
Camera render, 31.3% total
MeshSkinning.Update: 16.0%
The rest are below 7%

I disabled most of the scripts I thought could be affecting this, and it’s still the same. What can I do?

I really don’t want to have to target 2011+ hardware only :frowning:

What do the characters consist of? Because I don’t think you should be having that many draw calls for such a small amount of models.

Are you using expansive pixel shaders on your characters? If they occupy a big portion of the screen, you might actually be fillrate bound. It’s hard to say from your description.

You need to find where your real bottleneck is via profiling. Is it the CPU? Is it the GPU? If GPU, are you fillrate or geometry bound?