Low framerate when everything in hierarchy disabled / Statistics bug?


I have the free version of Unity, so I haven’t the profiler. Atm I measure performance via statistics window, but it seems the framerate is just wrong:

When I’m in playmode and face the camera to an area where less objects/polygons etc are, the framerate in the statistics window go up as expected (about 200 fps). But when I select all objects in the hierarchy and disable them, the framerate drops to like 70 fps. Btw, I also get those 70 fps, when I face the hole scene with all objects active.

Another strange thing is that, when I move the camera and face all objects, the movement gets a bit choppy, but the statistics say 70 fps which is simply impossible, after 60 fps I usually can’t differentiate smoothness in other 3D applications or games.

Is that a bug or something else? Btw, I have an i7 and a GTX660Ti, it’s strange that I get so low fps though I did really
kept an eye on performance for scripting/modelling/texturing and shading (I used to make games in Director (Adobe) with Lingo and shockwave on a G4, so I have generell experience with performance handling).

Try disabling V-Sync.