Low memory crash on IOS when changing orientation

Hi !

I’ve made a Unity IOS app. There are 2 scenes into it :

  • The starting one is a very simple menu with 5-10 textures displayed with the legacy GUI.
  • The second scene displays a building in a city. You can turn the camera around, zoom, and watch some appartments of the building. It uses the nex UI system to display some GUI.

Problem is that, when i push it on an iPad (Air 1 with 2.1Go of available disk space), it starts on the menu as expected, but if i change the orientation many times, it ends up crashing after receiving some “didreceivememorywarning” warnings.

I tried that while running it from xCode, and also created an IPA, but the problem is the same.

If i don’t rotate the iPad, the app won’t crash at all, even if i wait 2 hours. It only happens when changing rotation many times.

There is the same problem in the second scene by the way, so it don’t seem related to a scene in particular.

To narrow down the problem, i deactivated the whole menu in my scene, so basically i ended up with a scene with just a camera in it, and it crashed again !

I’m using Unity 5.1.1f1 on OSX Yosemite 10.10.4 and xCode 6.4 and no other plugin than iTween.
You can get the app here : http://aiko-creative.com/apps/tribeca/

Any idea please ? T_T

Funny how there are thousands of views on topics like “How to move my cube to the left”, and almost none on important questions, even from Unity…

Thanks for nothing.

So problem was with Metal. Go to Player Settings → Other Settings → Untick “Automatic Graphic API” → Click on “Metal” → Click on the minus (-) sign and you’re good to go.