Low performance with low draw calls?

So, I’ve been reading through some of the optimization documentation that unity has because my game has been performing like a snail on sedatives. I read that if there are more than 7000 draw calls (for PC) then I might want to optimize it a bit more.

Well… I’m only getting 85 draw calls, and yet the game will stay happily at 3 frames per second. I’ve tried opening up the profiler window, but it’s grayed off, I assume because I don’t have the pro version of unity.

Is there any other way I can boost performance, by say giving the game more RAM to use, and if so how would I go about doing that.

Edit: For those of you who asked here’s the link to the project : Dropbox - File Deleted - Simplify your life

It’s most likely one of your scripts. If you don’t have a profiler, then try disabling them one by one and pay attention when FPS increases. This way you will know which script is a problem.

Getting a lot of unassigned variable errors in your bigTableArray scripts on the scenes that are running slow(and they are slow 12fps compared to 1000 fps or more on the scenes without this error).

You might have missed this script by trying to disable them all at once with all your objects selected. It is not on every script in that object list, so it is not displayed when they are all selected.

If I turn this script off on every object(which you had not done) then the frame rate is fine. This is where your problem is.