Low poly swords - need help understanding where I went wrong

Hi everyone,

I recently modeled 5 stylized ‘scifi’ swords in Blender and was quite proud of them. Now, I am just learning so I expect to make mistakes and would even hope to if it will help me learn more. This collection of swords was rejected by the asset store and the rejection email is of course vague and tells me nothing about what is wrong with them.

I am hoping someone could look at these models and give me some constructive criticism(s) so that I can at least have some idea of what I did not do properly. The files attached are in obj format.

I’d really appreciate it. Thank you!

There are already many sword collections on the asset store that are ready to be used. Yours are not even textured, and I’m guessing they have not been UV mapped either. Some of the asset store models also have several LODS (levels of detail) and custom shaders. Users expect assets to be ready and be usable right away.