Low Poly water waves

i’ve been trying to create a moving low poly water and i’ve managed to create that but for some reasons the wave animation comes down to the plane im using. I’ve imported a plane from someone else that works perfectly fine but is way too big for me to use and if i scale it down the triangles are way too small.
It looks like this:
This kind of irregular wave effect is what im trying to achieve but my own plane that I’ve modled in blender looks like this:
It’s waves are very smooth and not what i want.

I’m using the same script with the use of PerlinNoise on both yet different results .My Idea is that it might be something with the order of the verticies that are being changed by the PerlinNoise function but i haven’t managed to fix it that way.

I’ve tried a Sinus function aswell that produced about the wanted effect on the imported plane but gave me complete sinus waves on my own plane.

Did I do anything wrong while importing the plane froAm blender? I have honestly no idea anymore. The Inspector looks exactly the same on both planes.

Code I’m using for the wave effect:

void MakeNoises() {
		Vector3[] verticies = mf.mesh.vertices;

		//Berechnet für jedes verticies über PerlinNoise neue Höhenwerte
		for(int i = 0; i < verticies.Length; i++) {
				verticies <em>.y = CalculateHeight (verticies <em>.x, verticies _.z) * power;_</em></em>

* }*

* mf.mesh.vertices = verticies;*

* }*

* float CalculateHeight(float x, float y) {*

_ float xCord = x * scale + xOffset;
float yCord = y * scale + yOffset;_

* return Mathf.PerlinNoise(xCord, yCord);*

* }*

It looks like the meshes that work for me here are .asset meshes. Does that mean the meshes i need are not created outside of unity?

A Youtuber made a tutorial on the internet and it looks awesome used it in one of my games. Dont know the Video anymore just search for Unity Low Poly water