Low quality transparent texture only on mobile settings

I have a problem with textures, especially those transparent on mobile devices.

When I create a transparent texture with photoshop, if I view on the PC platform is how I created, however if I change my platform, and I select mobile, the quality of the texture is much lower, you can see the difference between pixels.

At the link of the image you can see the difference in quality

How can I fix this?
I already tried to set the quality of the mobile settings to fantastic, but nothing changes.
I also tried to change the settings on the texture and putting on GUI but does not change anything.

I look forward to your answers,
thanks in advance!

The reason is probably because your image import settings for the target platform are setting the image to compressed or 16-bit color rather than the required truecolor for a gradient like that to work properly. Additionally, changing the texture compression mode on mobile devices has an effect, but Android devices will pretty much always look worse than iOS devices from my experience. I tend to avoid gradients on mobile devices all together because increasing the file size and memory consumption is much more important than with PCs.