Low to High-end GPUs estimate performance ? is it possible?

I have a geforce 630m laptop nvidia graphic card, my game at 1024x768 takes to render 100-110 ms 10-15 FPS at Max Settings (so It looks as Good i i need it to be ) at lowest settings it manages to reach an unstable 30 FPS. Lowering the resolution gives me a nearly perfect flow at 60 FPS ( my goal with this game ) sometimes exeeding it .

My answer can be answered by simply taking a project on unity and write down the performance of different GPUs, but i lack of GPUs and i can’t find useful things on the Internet. The best way would be to have a list of GPUs, relative performances and calculate a coefficient that gives a feeling of the FPS that your project will have on other GPU’s.

thanks in advance

It’s easy to find a list comparing relative performances of different graphics cards, such as Best Graphics Cards - June 2023

The problem is that, whilst a useful indicator, the GPU performance is far from the only factor in determining the FPS at which your game runs. It sounds like you are currently GPU-bound but this may not always be the case in other systems. But I don’t think you’ll find a better indicator.