Lower graphics settings in game build accelerating game play beyond what it should be.

Hi, I was just testing a game that I’m in the process of developing (it’s a 2D platformer with simple graphics) and I noticed that when you run the built version of the game (the actual application), if you select a graphics setting lower than “fantastic”, it speeds the game play up far beyond what it should be and basically ruins the game. I’m really concerned about this as I was hoping to release a demo of the game shortly but this discovery is a set back. Can anyone help me out? Thanks.

Lower graphics setting will increase the frame rate. Here are a couple of common reasons increasing the frame rate might break your game. Unfortunately without more details I can’t offer more specific advice.

  1. You have not made the game frame rate independent by using Time.deltaTime
  2. You are manipulating physics code in Update instead of FixedUpdate. AddForce is especially bad for this.

Note: Both of these are well documented. You’ve probably got some more issues in the game that will come out and bite you. Get lots of people to test your game before release.