Lowering Time.timeScale and lowering Time.fixedDeltaTime


I’m lowering Time.timeScale but according to Unity Docs it states

“If you lower timeScale it is recommended to also lower Time.fixedDeltaTime”

but i’m not sure how much i should multiply the fixedDeltaTime by. I noticed they used 0.02 in the example so one of my question is what or how should i determine the multiplication value because initially just tried something like Time.fixedDeltaTime = Time.timeScale; but i’m not sure if that’s the right thing to do.


Changing Time.fixedDeltaTime just change the interval in seconds at which physics and other fixed frame rate updates . It’s recommended to use 0.02 (50 FixedUpdate per seconds).

If you set Time.fixedDeltaTime = 0.02 * Time.timeScale; then for example, if the timeScale value is 1, then the FixedUpdate will be called 50 times per second.

if the timeScale value is 0.5f, then the FixedUpdate will be called 25 times per second, this keeps the FixedUpdate behavior consistent.