Ludosity steamworks leaderboard?

I am having trouble using ludosity steamworks wrapper. I was able to integrate achievements but I am having problem with implementing leaderboard.

The wrapper uses UploadLeaderboardScore() function but instead of string parameter for the name of the leaderboard it uses LeaderboardHandle
I was unable to assign that handle

		int[] ScoreDetails = new int[1];
		LeaderboardHandle hndl;
		hndl=SteamInterface.Stats.FindOrCreateLeaderboard("Game time",LeaderboardSortMethod.Ascending,LeaderboardDisplayType.TimeSeconds);
		SteamInterface.Stats.UploadLeaderboardScore( hndl ,LeaderboardUploadScoreMethod.KeepBest,1000,ScoreDetails);

Has anyone implemented this function? Thanks for the answer, Jan

You have to register an event in IStats.LeaderboardFindResult before any Find/CreateLeaderboard, and get the handle from that event.