LWRP Custom Renderer Feature Material Overwrite Access

How to access the overwrite Material in the new LWRP Custom Renderer Feature?
I created a LWRP asset and a custom Renderer. In it we have the Renderer Features (seen in picture). One of them is creating the yellow fresnel effect. I want to change the color of the yellow effect without changing its layer. And it should be this object only, so changing the shared material is not the goal.

How do i change the color without changing the layer or shared material? Do i need “UsePass” for this? If so, how?

If LWRP Custom Renderer is new to you, here is a video for you: Introduction to the Lightweight Render Pipeline - Unity at GDC 2019 - YouTube


You can change properties on this material on a per-renderer basis by applying a material property block to any renderer that is effected by this material override. Be aware this will break batching.