LWRP with VR throw error about renderViewportScale

Hello !
I just created a new project with the LWRP VR preset, and updated th LWRP to 3.0.0.
If I Start the sample scene in VR , with my oculus plugged in, everything is going smoothly, but if I create , let’s say, a cube and move it in the scene, Unity throw an error in the console every frame: “Cannot change renderViewportScale while cameras are rendering!”

Is this normal? I do not remember having it in my previous project… Am I missing something ?
Thanks !

This is happening on our project as well. Seems to be related to the small preview of the Asset generated in the Inspector by the LWRP. Only happens when something with a material is selected.

The issue appears to have been fixed in the latest version of the LWRP package(4.0.1).