m_InstanceID != 0 in all Unity 5 projects

After a little while, every Unity 5.1.2p2 project starts throwing this error:

m_InstanceID != 0

I am always using VR mode, but not always using the oculus package.

I can find stuff online for the similar error:

m_InstanceID == 0

(though nothing that really explains what it is or how to fix it) but nothing on the does not equal variant.

Doesn’t affect builds, everything runs fine in editor - just would like to get an idea as to what’s causing it…

This is the closest thing I’ve been able to find: NullReferenceException and m_InstanceID == 0 on LoadLevel (C#) - Questions & Answers - Unity Discussions

I’m running into the same error in Unity 5.3.5p2, but only when switching scenes from one specific scene to others. I’m just trying to eliminate possibilities at this point. And for the moment, linking this across for anyone who might find this in the future.