Mac & Linux builds fail & do not produce build files when building on Windows 10

On Windows, Using Unity 2020.3.16.f1

  1. I can produce Windows builds without any problems, and the builds work as expected
  2. When I switch the build settings to Mac (any type/arch) or Linux, the build seems to run as expected, with the progress meter showing
  3. When the Mac and/or Linux builds complete, as indicated by the progress meter disappearing, nothing else happens - the build folder doesn’t open (like it does for Windows builds), and there are no errors
  4. When I check the Mac and/or Linux build folder/directory, there are not files produced
  5. This worked at one time, but Unity Hub somehow got installed and it seem to break a lot of stuff
  6. However, Unity Hub did confirm that I have both Mac and Linux build support fully installed

Anyone run into this? got any ideas?

That doesn’t sound like something anyone has run into yet. Please file a bug report using the Editor, and we will investigate it as soon as possible.

Hey @Phil_Z - here’s the Unity I’ve come to love to hate - I filled in the template, not changing the questions/text pre-inserted, and no matter what I do, I can’t submit - No worries though. I know much of this is by design. I take fully responsibility for believing in Unity.