Mac M1 - Mouse position jumps when clicking


I’m running into this issue where each time I click, the cursor jumps across the screen. This seems to only be happening on mac m1. The frame rate doesn’t drop, the cursor simply jumps across the screen after clicking. I have confirmed that this is not an issue with my code, this happens in other unity projects, including their first person demo microgame and first person template. Has anyone seen this issue before or have any ideas on how to fix this? I am grasping at straws.

Here is a demonstration of the issue I’m seeing:
Notice that each time the screen jitters, I am left clicking the mouse. This is not lag, because the other objects in the scene continue to move smoothly.

Found the solution. I had a third party app called magnet installed. Disabling that fixed everything. mouse - MacBook Pro 2016 Left Click lag in games? - Ask Different