Mac OS X: Build crashes

Hello. I have a little question.

I am a pretty experienced C# programmer and Unity user. I am currently working on this huge game which will be great. I might even post something about it here :slight_smile:

However, I have experienced the Mac build glitch. I am using a Mid-2012 Model MacBook Pro laptop to make my game. I have all the game files stored on the hard drive. That means that for debug and testing, I usually only build for Mac. However, I built my game 3 times and now whenever I build it, it crashes upon startup. I tried everything! I could find the savedstate folder for my project, I tried re-enabling the config dialog, I tried changing the name of the project folder, changing my organisation name and about everytghing I can find on the forums. Does anyone have any clue on how to fix it?

Oh, and by the way, I looked in and found this message when I tried to run the app

Jul 29 18:45:34 My-Name-Username[244] ([0x0-0x99099].unity.RomejanicDev.Exploder[6835]): Exited with code: 173
Jul 29 18:45:34 My-Name-Username.local storeagent[6837]: Unsigned app (/Users/Username/Desktop/Personal/Unity/Exploder-PC/DevelopmentBuilds/Mac OS X/


It looks like a certificate issue. You should sign your app before you install it.You can do this in build settings of this project in Xcode console .Before you do this you should have a valid provisional profile installed in your Mac