Mac version mouse lock not working properly

We have a script that switches cameras on the fly. One camera has an unlocked mouse and the other has a locked mouse. On the mac version, when the mouse is unlocked, any movements made while unlocked will be cached so that once the mouse is re-locked, the camera instantly reads the cached information and moves the camera’s position.

		skyCam = true;
		cameraNumber = 1;
		QuinnActive = false;
		Screen.lockCursor = false;

This one switches the perspective from the first person camera to the overhead camera and unlocks the mouse. The one below switches cameras back to the first person camera and re-locks the mouse.

		skyCam = false;
		cameraNumber = 0;
		QuinnActive = true;
		Screen.lockCursor = true;

This is where the issue is happening. On the Windows version, this works just fine, re-locking the mouse to the center of the screen without any extraneous movement, but on the Mac, as soon as the switch happens the first person camera will read in the mouse movements and snap the first person camera.

Is this something I can fix in the code or would I have to put in Mac specific commands in order to fix the issue. If so, can I do that with the free version of Unity?


dealing with this now. was this ever answered?