Mac VS Windows Builds

so i built my game off of an old 14 inch mac book pro i play tested it and tested the built version on mac

it all worked great no lag

then i had it built for windows now my friend has like a $3000 dollar hardcore gaming laptop with like 4 processors and that top of the line radeon grapics card i see him like playing LOL, Starcraft 2, and some other game simultaneously

now we decided to play my game on his laptop thinking his laptop would kick its ass

only when we did play it, it peaked all of his processors and had like gridlock lag -it still worked technically though

then we played it on other windows and it had the same problem

meanwhile the mac version worked every time

is there like something im missing in the build process because i thought it would have made the games efficiency, better, not worse than when playing it in editor view

Maybe putting a script like

function Awake () 
 //120 Frames per second
 Application.targetFrameRate = 120;

in your Scenes will help. This eliminated the processor spikes in my Windowsbuilds.

So im finally going back over a lot of my old questions, seems this one still gets views so I will answer it

Back when i posted this I was unaware of the significance of dynamic typing vs static typing as well as the other corrections unity’s ‘interpreter’ does when compiling code.

They originally made unity to handle ‘noob’ code by basically guessing what the ‘noob’ programmer really wanted to say in code. This guessing mechanic in the engine is what led to the instability between Operating systems. The guesses in the code would be different in different OS’s so while it would work on one it would break horribly in the other.

This is why they have since added PRAGMA STRICT as a default for any new script. This disables that guessing system and forces the programmer to write code correctly. Since this change there is no longer any difference between OS’s in terms of stability. That is so long as you leave PARAGMA STRICK ALONE.

On a personal note i recommend development on Windows for a few reasons, Mac OS is more efficient (i know that will piss some people off to say) so you want to build in windows where your framerate results will be in terms of the lower end (though that is still more to do with the actual hardware of the computer then just the OS). The other reason to do it in windows is because, when it comes to accessibility of other development programs, Mac sucks. More Autodesk applications work exclusively on windows and not Mac for example.

but I can now say there really is no stability difference anymore, I keep my projects on an Ex harddrive and frequently float between mac and windows computers.

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