Mac vs Windows - different behavior

I started my project on Windows, got it looking pretty good. Imports some 3ds and dae files. I package that up, and import it to my Mac version. (I'm new to Mac, so maybe I'm missing something). Anyway, it looks like the 3ds file is very very wrong. The submeshes are there, but incorrectly positioned and I think the scales are off (maybe it's just the scales, hard to tell, so messed up). Other things seem to have imported ok. So I deleted the messed up instance, and re-added it to the scene. Now the stuff seems properly positioned relative to itself, but the scale in relation to the rest of the scene is off by a factor of about 10, not 10.

Anyone else seen such behavior? Any suggestions? I wouldn't be using a Mac at all if it wasn't that we need this on iPad.

Well, it's not Mac vs Windows after all, as I just saw the same behavior on the same Windows machine I made the scene on in the first place. Seems it's like this:

Have collada file, import, but change scale on the FBX importer to .1 Add collada mesh to scene Change materials on that mesh to something other than what came in with the mesh Reimport the model See scale all messed up. Looks like the relative positions might be correct, but scale gets set to 1 for the submeshes (??).

To remedy, delete the mesh from scene, reimport (set scale to 1 on FBX importer, and scale the object with x,y,z scale as needed), then fix up the scene.

So, I contend there is a bug in FBX import, but at least this helps work around it.