machine identification is invalid for current license unity

At some point my unity stopped working and will now give me this error everytime I try to activate my personal license.


  1. Unity was working fine.
  2. Had a windows update
  3. Made a change to the GPU timeout for substance painter
  4. Had Docker running but closed it out
  5. Also had a VPN hider running (this might be relevant but I am not sure) closed it
  6. Log into unity hub again
  7. Must activate license alert - tried activating it
  8. Machine Identification error
  9. Uninstall, reboot and reinstall unity - same error
  10. Uninstall, delete all hidden directories or unity, reboot, download and reinstall unity hub, -same error
  11. Uninstall, delete all hidden directories or unity, close all VMs and other programs assigned machine ids, reboot, download and reinstall - same error.

Does anyone have any suggestions on what else I can do?
I looked at the .ulf file and see that my machine id for my desktop is not in the file, so I added it but unity hub deletes it upon refresh.

I haven’t encountered unity deleting anything yet, but i’m not sure if this will help:

I faced this issue when trying to create a CI/CD pipeline for Unity that will run on the cloud. I tried running my pipeline with the ulf generated from the alf that was generated in my local device.

Probably, your image in your docker container is treated as a different device from your own device. At least in my case, cloud image was treated as a separate machine.

I had fixed my issue by downloading the .alf from within the image, go to unity manual license activation generate ulf, and upload the text in the ulf as a variable in Gitlab CI/CD.