machinegun don t work

where can i find a correct fps tutorial of unity3d
don t get me a correct machinegun

You question is not a question. It has no code to fix. You haven’t shown or attempted anything. If I did take it as a question use the Search Function, The Forums and Google. I’m 100% sure you will find something that you can copy or learn from.

Here we are to help solve things you code. Not giving code and not fixing code you copied. Reading scripts may help you learn but copying from them will not teach you anything and when you have errors you will not no how to solve them.

So there are two ways of making weapons shoot easily for beginners one is using raycasts and when the raycast hits a rigidbody send a message to it the other is instantiating a bullet and when that collides send a message to the enemy to damage it. Each method has its bonuses, raycast is easy to setup, instantiating you can incorporate things like bullet drop and wind.

It make it a machine gun you can set it up with a GetButtonDown / GetKeyDown. With getting it “down” you can instantiate or call the raycast hit to call based upon an amount of time. Or it will happen instantly every time which is far too quick

So use the search function read some scripts try and attempt to learn. Ive given you a decent explanation on how to fire things. Now take some initiative, I’m not and nobody else is going to write scripts for you.

ok where can i learn how to creat a weapon please