macos unity 2017.3.1 cardboard split screen VR mode is not working on android device


I am using macos unity 2017.3.1 cardboard, my previous version 2017.3.0 was working but when I upgraded to 2017.3.1 and deploy it to android device it is working but it is not using gyro and split screen.
I have also tested with a new project but same issue.


Same issue @zafery

In the next version (current version) 2017.4.0 also its not working. I think they have changed the procedure. Kindly anyone let me know the procedure

@zafery I’m facing the same issue. Is there a fix for that?,I am getting the same issue as well

unfortunately not :frowning: waiting for next update. I am using 2017.3.0. I hope unity team saw this post and fix it in next update.