magic glow?

im realy new to unity and im busy with creating a FPS.
i have an idea inspired by amnesia.
what i want is to be able to pick up objects like in amnesia and move them around.
only differenc is that i have a hand in the corner that i want to glow a colored light when i hold something and stop when i release my mouse button(also the object will fall down again)
i tried to use a flashlight but that didn’t give the effect i wanted…
so can anybody help me write a script for it.

also i work with cinema 4d and i think about making 2 textures one normal and one that glows and if i press my mouse button it switches to the one that glows and if i release it it turns back to normal.

i hope that was enough info.

If you are looking for a magical light effect, why not try using particle effects?

For instance, you could have a prefab that is a light and a particle emitter, and instantiate one when you pick up an object.

oke i tried it and i stumbled upon this script

function Update() {

if (Input.GetKeyDown(“f”)) {

if (light.enabled == true)

	light.enabled = false;

	light.enabled = true;



but how do i make it so it begins when i press my mouse button and stops when releasing it and how can i make that script so that i can do the same with particle effects?