Magic particle effect

I would like to do a game where I can cast spells as done in Harry Potter. The problem is that I’m very new to the whole “particle effects” thing. I’m fairly known when it comes to scripting (Not VERY advanced things though) but not particles.
Can someone maybe reference a tutorial on how to make spells, from particle systems, like in Harry Potter? Maybe just a fireball with a trail or something.

Another thing I’ve tried, is to put a trail renderer on an empty gameobject. But I don’t know how to make a color-neutral texture for the trail renderer (color neutral so I can change the color of the renderer, instead of the color of the texture itself).

  • I hope someone can help me. Thank you c:

Here is a pretty good Unity training video on the subject. Might be a good start. Live Training 11 Nov 2013 - The Particle System - YouTube

There’s a whole subsection of the asset store dedicated to magic particle effects. Find some you like, download them, take them apart and study them: Unity Asset Store - The Best Assets for Game Making

You should take a look at this tuto Unity 2018 - Game VFX - Projectile/Bullet Raycast Tutorial - YouTube ( if it’s what you search ) and check the youtube channel of this guys and “DucVu Vfx” maybe you can find something you like