Magic Spell with Particles

Hey Unity community, browsing YouTube, I saw this amazing ‘spell’ effect that seems to have been made with particles. It’s at 0:33:

Here’s a gif if you’re feeling lazy:

alt text

Trying my best using particles, this is the best I can do:

alt text

I know, pretty pathetic compared to the first one. So from the image, it looks like there are three different particle systems. The first blue one that goes up and down, the blue explosion, and the red explosion.

I can probably figure that out using animation but no matter what settings I tweak, I can’t get the cone shaped trail effect like this:

alt text

Edit: Ok I’ve got that one up there working now. It turns out I had to decrease the alpha incrementally on all the colors.But still have no idea on how to do the explosion part:

alt text

Any ideas on how to create this super cool wave/fire look?

I agree, its a nice particle effect you have found. I hope you will tweak yours so it isnt an exact copy/clone, as we need new imaginative ideas to emerge, not just another copy/clone.

But - regarding the last effect.

I saw both “magic bombs” and did a little visual comparing. I believe they use some sort of random for where the flames appear,secondly there might be two different sets of brushes or animated brushes.

I would look at additive or alphablending for shader, think it s the latter though.
Secondly, try to experiment with all the random settings within the particle emitter system. It can generate surpricingly many different looks from the same set of variables, as long as you put in other values.

Hope this helps you a little further?