magical glow effect

i have posted a link below. how to get the same effect of the globe in the wizards hand . and it should rotate inside his hand with the same color effect inside the image in the link i posted.

See this image

What you're describing sounds like Radiosity. I just happened to read a blog article about radiosity but I can't tell you more than the summary of it. I also have seen a unity blog post about light probes.

Basically they use light probes that contain spherical harmonics. From those you can interpolate light values. In the first article they mentioned they had cut down baking process from 24 hours to 3 seconds on a large map which is good, but it's not easy to perform realtime changes for a full scene. In your question, it only sounds like one light. How unity handles this, I haven't looked into. If it is possible to modify (rotate) these lights you'd have to find out yourself or with help from others that know more about this.

  • But chances are you only need a point light and an self-illuminated material. Put the light in the sphere and have a self-illuminated material on the ball. I think this is enough for your purposes :) I actually even made a simple unitypackage with a complete glowing ball for you to download. It doesn't rotate though, you'd have to make the rotation yourself.

make another particle and make it smaller. Put on Rotating so it rotates. Than put it in the good place. DONE