Magnetic field line issue in Unity c#,Magnetic field line in unity using c# scripting,Magnetic field line

Hello all,

I am trying to create magnetic field lines in unity. and there are so many lines which I want to manage at runtime as shown in this link which is created in unity only.

I am not able to understand that how these lines are managed through the script and what should I do to get similar output as shown in given link for magnetic field lines.

Please help me if anyone is able to understand and provide solution for the lines.

ya, it can be spline implementation. but can you tell me that how this line position is calculated between poles according to physics magnetism? because if I manage all these line endpoints individually then it is taking so much time and through that, it is not coming perfectly as magnetic field line.
so, is there any equation that I can apply on line renderer and which helps to generate lines using physics law.

is there any package which we can purchase and we can use in unity to create magnetic field lines??