main camera rotation problem

Can’t figure this one out.
I’ve started a new project and the traditional rotate xyz of my camera is gone.
With that i mean 0 to 360 degrees on x,y,z.
It now has a local rotation with x,y,z,w. these seem to have a range from -1. to 1. with 0. being center.

Can anyone tell me how to set the camera back to what I’m used to ??
Whats the term I’d need to use to search for a problem like this ?

I’ve looked over the forums and everything for hours but just can’t find it.
Any and all help appreciated.

if its for a FPS then this will help.

if not some research in euler angles can help. Unity - Scripting API: Transform.eulerAngles

It sounds like you’re seeing the camera’s underlying Quaternion, rather than the nice Euler angles you’re normally shown.

This is probably because you’ve managed to put the Inspector into ‘Debug’ mode - click the little menu icon in the top right corner of the Inspector, next to the padlock, and change it back to ‘Normal.’