Main camera shaking as the player animation does.

Hi, greetings to all. I am here with a weird problem. I have set up my TPS player character and added some animation to it. Also parented a simple camera to it and tagged as main camera. But the problem is, when i shoot(my player), it animates some back force and so the camera does. It shakes when i shoot and seems like a quake is going on the environment. I don’t want this. It is quite horrible to see that the main camera is vibrating continuously. I want that even if i shoot, the camera wont shake like that. It will be still and capturing the animations smooth. Now can someone please tell me how can i do that?

Thank you.

It seems the animation controls the same object as the camera is based on.

You could move the animated object one level down in an emmty game object so that the main object is not altered by the animation. Then your camera is set on a non animated object and won’t follow the shooting animation.

As a result, you may have to review your animation script since it may expect to move the object it is on and now it needs to go down to a child.