main camera stop following when crash, also plane explode only when collision force over 200

I am making a simple flight sim, and whenever the plane crashes, there is an explosion and the plane model within the airplane disappears. But though the airplane model disappears, the airplane keeps on going, and the camera just keeps moving.

Is there a script that can make the camera target nothing, make the camera not move anymore, or to stop the airplane moving?

Also, is there a script that enables the explosion only when the collision force is over whatever number you wish?

THX in advance!

well when the plane crashes it automaticly stops moving, right? If this is not the case you could use something like the following script

static var followPlane = true;

function OnTriggerEnter ( hit : Collider) {
if hit.gameObject.tag == "wall";
    followPlane = false;

then you sould add an 'if statement' to your camera script so that if only follows the plane if the variable followPlane equals true. It should look something like:

if cameraFollowScript.followPlane == true;
// here should the follow scipt be insterted

By the way, the if statement at the beginnin of the script makes shure your camera only stops moving when the plane hits the trigger collider of a wall which should be tagged 'wall'

I hope at least I solved part of your question,