Main Menu Help!

I recently have been working on my Main Menu screen for the 2D game I am working on. This is my first game ever using Unity, so I do not know much. I am wondering what the code is for how to transition from the Main Menu screen to the game and the steps I need to take in order to make the transition work. In general, I am wondering how to transition from the main menu, into the game.

If your game takes a little while to load, you’ll want to load the main menu first. Then, here are a few suggestions :

  • Make your menu game object persistant using DontDestroyOnLoad
  • or Load the new scene additively using LoadSceneMode.Additive
  • load your game’s first level/main scene asynchronously using LoadSceneAsync
  • when loading is complete, enable your “Start Game” button
  • when the button is pressed, trigger some animation that makes your menu disappear (using Animator.SetTrigger for example)
  • when the animation completes, you can delete your menu, and reload your menu scene when the user wants to quit the game
  • or, better, keep the menu so that you can quickly display it later.

These are just a few to get you started.

Hi, I have made a menu scene for may game ( a canvas with two arrows, right and left, to move rectangles that are linked to levels, just like Geometry Dash).
In the editor, when I launch this scene it works well and I can access all levels. But if I come back to it, or if I access the scene from a level, the rectangles don’t move (everything else is ok, even what’s activated by the same script as the rectangle).
I thought it was like another scene, but I added an image and it was visible so… I don’t understand.

Also you can play geometry dash here