Main Menu with different scenes appearing on background ?!

Hi guys,

I am currently working on a game that has 3 different scenes. I was just curious to know if it is possible to make the current gameplay scene appear on the background while the user is staying on the menu scene. It is possible to make the menu inside the gameplay scene and it is possible to make the menu scene different to the gameplay scene, but is it possible somehow to “mix the scenes” and achieve this thing ?

The reason why I’m asking is because it would be cool for the user to wait in the main menu scene after the game is over and on the same scene to show the scene that the user was playing or the scene that he may have chosen before.

Thank you,

A scene is just a 3d space that contains GameObjects, as such you could put your entire scene in an empty game object, save it as a prefab, and instantiate it when needed. You could place your terrains on different spots and use a render texture to showcase it, or simply pan the camera to the instantiated “scenes”.