MainMenuController / Main Menu Controller difficutlty

I tried following, and I’m at 4:15. Unity is telling me “Can’t add script because the script class cannot be found. Make sure there are no compile errors and that the file name and the class don’t match.”

My code looks like this:

public void Playgame ()
	//Application.LoadLevel("Gameplay"); //-Obsolete

It doesn’t match the code of the video, I had to change to change it because the old code got an error for being obsolete. Does this have anything to do with my problem?

Make sure you have the name Playgame the exact same everywhere it’s used. It sounds like you are trying to reference it but using the wrong name (like PlayGame for example).

Edit: Also in the filename as well for the script file.

Oh… that was the problem! Thank you a lot! I need to take off my goofy-pants!