Maintain transparency even when multiple objects overlap

Hello, i have a transparent sphere:

but when i add multiple transparent spheres at the same position the transparency gets lost:

How do i maintain the transparency even if i have multiple objects on top of each other?
Im using the standart shader with the rendering mode as fade, and i decrease the alpha chanel on the albedo.

Hey there, I guess you mean that you have 1 “disk” lets say 20% visible, and then you add 15 orso on top of each other and suddenly it feels like a solid disk.

why this happens:
so lets say you have a black background and then an 20% transparent object, so now we have a slightly red background, then the next disk will get rendered and will make that already slightly red background 20% more red, and so the cycle continues. each disk being rendered one after the other until its nearly solid red.

possible fixes:

  • Don’t fix: Its exactly as it should work, you should instead ask your self how/why this situation would come-up
  • Write your shader which uses (Blend-OP ‘Max or Min’) instead of the default (Blend-OP Add), This will make the visual look different, and depending on your use case it might not be what you want / can use. BUT this blend Operation will just take the brightest pixel between what is on screen vs what you want to draw, thus when you overlap the same visual, nothing will change, they do not accumulate.