Maintaining object data between scenes

I’m not too sure if this has been asked already, but I may as well ask it here

I’ve been looking into this for a project I’m currently working on, where the player is able to interact with and harvest items from objects. The objects themselves have a boolean flag that says whether or not they have been interacted with (At the moment there isn’t anything representing this visually)

However, as the project will eventually accommodate additional scenes, I’ve been curious about how to maintain object states between scenes, where the objects that have already been interacted with keep this distinction when the scene they were in is reloaded. I experimented with this before but had no luck because the way I implemented it (Just using a normal list to keep track of the objects) didn’t work.

Would I use scriptable objects for this? Or would I use a dictionary or something along those lines? And are there any videos or any other resource on this that could help out with this?


Yeu need to take a look, and watch some tutorials about:



This is called “Data Persistence” and there’s a great Unity Learn for that here.

All the best!