Major issues with physics

I’m experienced in Unity, but I rarely work with the physics system so this has me stumped.

  • Using the medieval desert city asset
  • I have a character. Scale of 1, not the child of anything, default rigidbody component with all rotation frozen, z axis capsule collider
  • Movement is based off of root motion of the animator, jumping is rb.AddForce(Vector3.up * jumpForce, ForceMode.Impulse)
  • Physics is set to default, as is time


  • When I click play without touching any controls, my character drifts upwards slowly, like a helium balloon. This is ONLY when the mass of the rb is set to or near 1. If it’s 2, it doesn’t do this
  • When I jump, my character will ‘jump’ but pretty much instantaneously and then proceed to very very very slowly fall down again. I’m talking 20 seconds to fall 1 metre.

Plz help

Root motion. Damn root motion.