Make 2D projectile collide only from the outside

Hello everyone, I have a simple yet mind-scratching issue. In my game, I have a 2D object that collides only with projectiles (as intended), but the issue is that when the player is “inside” the collider, the projectile collides as soon as it spawns, not allowing the player to shoot enemies that are in the distance.

I tried using platform effectors with no luck. To make sure I was configuring the effector correctly (to interact only with the projectile layer), I ended up watching a beginner video on how effectors work and it appears that I have been configuring them correctly.

Thanks in advance to whoever might have an idea for a simple but effective solution to this issue!

Ok, apparently I found a solution by myself. The solution is to switch the object’s collider to a trigger when the player is inside the collision, like this the projectile won’t collide, to then set the trigger to false when the player is outside the area. 2 colliders are involved: a child trigger collider that is set to a layer that collides with the player (so the parent knows when the player is over the interested object) and the parent’s collider that is set to the layer that only projectiles can collide with, which will be the collider that alternates its trigger status.