Make a camera a child of a gameobject

Hello, so what im trying to do is make a camera a child of a game object. what I have is a perfab of a cube with its movement scripts and what not attached to it and also the camera harness gameObject which is just and empty gameObject. What I want to do when I spawn the perfab into the world I want the main camera to follow the cube. So I want it to be a child of the camera harness gameObject. I dont get any errors when I run this but the camera does not follow the cube when its moves. I dont know if I parented the camera right or not
Here are the variables that are being used

var playerPrefab : GameObject;

var cam : Camera;

and here is where I parent I think.

//spawn player prefab
function spawnPlayer()
	Network.Instantiate(playerPrefab, sp1.position, Quaternion.identity, 0);
	//camHolder is the parent
	// Get the transform of the camera
	cam.transform.parent = playerPrefab.GetComponent("CamHarness");

Thanks for any help with this

There are two posible problem with this code.

  1. Are you sure if the “cam” object refers to the currently active camera.
  2. Are you sure that “playerPrefab.GetComponent(“CamHarness”);” actually return something.(it might be returning null which would mean cam wouldnt child of anything)