Make a change when reaching an area

So, I want that when the boat reaches a location close to a character, the character rides into the boat automatically, how can I do that?
PS: The character riding the boat dosen’t have to be animated, just when the boat is close the character position changes and get into the boat, I was thinking about using transform.position to change the charcter position to the boat position, but the main problem is that I couldn’t define the distance between the character and the boat for wich the character can get into the boat.

Hi, you could add a script to your boat that calculates the distance between the player.

    public GameObject Player;
    public float MinDistance;
    public float CurrentDistance;

    void Start()

        Player = GameObject.Find("Player");
        MinDistance = 3;

    void Update()

        CurrentDistance = Vector3.Distance(transform.position, Player.transform.position);

        if (CurrentDistance <= MinDistance)
            Player.transform.position = transform.position;
            //Player is in boat