Make a character rotate around a point.


I want to create a game where the character is placed in one specific point and only can rotate around it and shoot (something like bubble shooter games)

I tryed with joints and transform.RotateAround with no successfull results.

So any one has an idea on it??


so if you want it to orbit around a given pointdo this: you will need 2 objects, an empty one that will be the orbiting point (i will call this object A)and the one that you want to orbit (this one will be object B). start by placing object A were ever you want it to be, and object B at the place were you want the orbit to start, then parent obect B to object A and place a script on object a that looks something like this

transform.Rotate("write a nuber here if you want it to rotate arround the x axis else leve 0", "a nuber here if you want it to rotate around the yelse leve 0", and an number here f you want it to rotate around the z axis else leve 0") 

the greater the nuber is the faster it will rotate

and if you want it to just spin around one of ots axix add the script to the object its going to spinn.

sorry if i was a little unclear im not good at explaing hope you understand and if not leve a comment and i will try to explain a little better