Make a Circular progress bar that changes state upon filling

I saw this Q here on unity3d about a circular timer but I do not understand how to make it. I try using GUITexture but I guess it bugged (it doesn’t show at all, not even the watermark, while everything appears normal). I try putting it on a plane but I want it as GUI. Do I have to make a material?

Maybe the problem is that I’m currently using two cameras?
I want it to be on the top left, irrelevant of the cameras (on top of both).

Any help, thanks :slight_smile:

PS: Sorry, I forgot to say what state it should change into. If it fills up 100%, then the progress changes to orange and starts playing an effect (I think I can figure this out, but if you have a quick way, please share)

As indicated in the post you referenced above, there are a number of different ways to create a circular progress bar. Here is one way that I believe will work with GUI. Start with a background and make three half circles (half crescents would work also). The top one matches the background. The bottom two are the same color and represent progress. The three start aligned, and you rotate and or hide them to represent the progress.


I’ve outlined the half circles and made the last half circle a grey instead of white so it is easy to see how this algorithm works. From 0% to 50% the blocking circle is rotated. From 50% to 100 % the bottom circle is rotated.

There is one other missing piece to make this work…rotation of GUI textures. See the post by Ben Pitt on this page: How to rotate GUI Textures.