Make a game using only Scripting/C#?

I am wanting to give Unity a try - I have programmed several games in XNA/Monogame but want the flexibility that Unity seems to offer.

Before I jump in I am wondering if it is possible to make a game with Unity using only Scripting and C#?

Also, I am wanting to know how it handles the scripting; does it compile the scripts into DLL like packages (i.e. faster) or does it run through the script each time that script is called?

Does the scripting allow for Object Oriented programming or will I need to create external DLLs for that?

To use external DLLs (created with Mono) do I need to use Unity Pro or will the free version work?

Any other tips on creating a game using only Scripting/C# would be appreciated.

Hi @Noctys

1- Yes, you can create games entirely in c#

2- If im not mistaken, unity does not compile scripts to DLLs (i repeat im not sure), i think they are stored in .assets files

3 & 4- The scripting allows OOP, but you can also import DLLS, and as far as I know, you only need Unity Pro for C++ DLLs, not for C# DLLs (but since you can do OOP, you don’t have to worry :wink: )