Make a gameobject with textures semitransparent

Hello i am looking for a way to make a character with textures attached see through, i tried to use shader and material alpha but it don’t work well :confused:

  • Create a new material.
  • Assign the Transparent/Diffuse shader.
  • Drag your texture into the texture slot.
  • Assign a main colour that has partial alpha.

You should get this:

I can’t have a transparency, more like just visible or invisible, the tric of changing the alpha from the material dont work at all( if i put 0 or 1 in alpha it doesn’t change at all
i tired
for(var mat : Material in this.GetComponent(Renderer).materials){
mat.color.a = 0.1f;}

and it didn’t work, when i use shaders (i tried a script to change the shaders from difuse to transparent/difuse), sometimes some part of the model become invisible while other stay visible, but it’s only visible/invisible somehow, not “transparent”.

you mean something like this effect?