Make a light and fast game

Hi, I’ve created:

  • small terrain 300x600
  • some trees (about 30)
  • a simple house model made with ArchiCAD and 3D Studio Max
  • 3/4 point light with hard shadows
  • 3 bumped textures

The game is incredibly slow and heavy, it run very bad at max graphic on a nvidia quadro4000 that run very well games like skyrim at very high details.
I don’t understand why a simple “game” like this can be so slow and heavy.

Please help me!! :frowning: :frowning:

There is so many things that could cause it that is impossible to list here, take some examples draw calls, tris count, texture sizes, shaders, physics, scripts, etc.

You need to study how to measure the performance to find your bottlenecks. Then, you need to study game optimizations to learn how to solve them.