Make a Platform push a character controller?

Hi, I'm looking for a way to make an object with a collider attached be able to "push" a character controller along without the controller just sliding through it. This is mostly for moving platforms and the like.

Getting a character to stand ontop of a platform and move along with it is fairly easy; my problem is when the platform floats horizontally into the character controller and just "passes" right through him. I can't use OnControllerColliderHit because if the controller isn't moving then it doesn't register the collision...kinda lost here, would appreciate any kind of solution for this or direction I could go to accomplish it.

Thanks you for any help.

This question has been answered already if you take a look at the search function.

You want to test for collision with the character controller and then edit the character's transform.position directly with the relative position of the moving platform.

In platform-character behavior I prefer to parent the player to the platform, this allow to inherit the translational movement of the platform to the player and even allow the player to move and jump above the platform without any problem.

the platform must have a collider and a trigger (the trigger should have the parenting script)